Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Conference fever!

Have you booked your registration for Bloody Words 2012 yet?

If not, just a couple of weeks left to do it. So you'd better get cracking. Because you'll need a hotel and air travel, too. Of course, you knew that. I'm really aware how quickly this conference time is approaching because I'm trying to sort out the rest of my stay in Beautiful B.C.

I have relatives and friends to visit both before and after the conference. Some will involve B&B stays, others there's the whole transportation thing to sort out. Of course, I'd like to get the best rates possible. But have you tried checking out all the listings? It's a dedicated morning's work. Oh, for the services of a personal assistant!

I've compared the web travel sites (Expedia, ITravel, Travelocity, etc.) and their prices appear the same as those I've found on my own. I guess my real problem is just deciding what part of town to plunk myself in.

The conference bit will be a snap. I'm on two panels and neither require preparation, just hopefully a brain in full operating mode on the Friday evening and first thing Sat. morning. That's the challenge.

I've downloaded the tentative programme schedule from the BW website and made my selections of what to attend. It's always a challenge when two panels that equally pique my interest are booked in the same time slot. I could always go the rude route -- sit near a door & divide my time between both.

Along with the panels, other programming involves interviews with the Guest of Honours, two special workshops on Sunday morning, a mass autograph session, a special entertainment feature with two 1940's radio plays on Friday night, followed by a walk through the haunted streets of Victoria. Chillingly fun! And of course, the banquet on Saturday night.

It's a good thing I have an agent and don't have to try to slot in an agent appointment. Ditto the Manuscript evaluation. Both are excellent opportunities offered at Bloody Words and I know they book up fast.

So much to do at a conference, so little time...especially when there's all that schmoozing -- a must, considering all the conference friends you see only once a year. And what a great opportunity to make new friends.

If you have time in your busy schedule, be sure to do some of your own sightseeing in Victoria -- it's a fabulously beautiful city. And, we're all thinking positive about the weather...aren't we!

Only 3 more weeks until Bloody Words! Once I nail down this final B&B for my extended stay, I'm all set. Hope you are, too!

Will we meet in Victoria?

Linda Wiken
writing as Erika Chase
A Killer Read, coming April, 2012 from Berkley Prime Crime

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