Friday, May 27, 2011


Countdown to Bloody Words

I'm starting my countdown to Bloody Words 2011 today because I'm heading out to Victoria for extra days to visit with family and friends. My first request is, somebody turn up the thermostat out there!

Packing is always a stressor, even though I start the process a day earlier for each trip. There's the first pack to make sure everything fits, then the re-pack when it doesn't. This might meant downsizing or upgrading to a larger suitcase. Of course, there's the hourly perusal of to see if maybe they were just kidding about the temperatures. Never mind, I say to Erika, my alter ego, it's a beautiful city!

So, when you combine a visit and a conference, that requires two wardrobes. Plus all the conference material, like business cards, books, answers to questions for the panel, cheque book in order to buy a registration for next year's conference at the special rate, and all those things that have been added to the packing list in the past week.

Of course, I have my handy Travel Checklist, purloined from Audrey Jessup so many years ago. It's soothing to see all those check marks being added. And soon, all that's waiting are the last minutes items. Also listed because as you probably know, the brain isn't in gear during that last hour before leaving for the airport.

Along with packing for Bloody Words, there's the Arthur Ellis Awards Banquet to be considered. Jeans will not do at this event! Especially when there's a lot of cheering to be done for Mary Jane Maffini (nominated for Best Short Story) and C.B. Forrest (nominated for Best Novel). These are the Ottawa nominees, so we'll show the colours for them. It's always an exciting night though, schmoozing with so many authors and so many winners.

Last but not least, pack all the writing gear because this can't be all play and no work!

Paper stopped? Email answered? Cat feeder/attention giver at the ready? Check, check and check.

I think I'm ready. Are you?

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read coming in April, 2012
from Berkley Prime Crime

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