Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Diary daze of a mystery writer!

And so, the next stage in my mystery odyssey begins. I have been asked to prepare some information for my editor to use at the "cover conference" which will take place shortly.

This is particularly exciting as they also want any ideas I might have (not all publishers allow this input). And also, this brings me one step closer to the publication date, even though it's still far away -- April, 2012. The dream is closer to becoming a reality.

To continue the birthing analogy that others often use -- if the release date is the birthdate of the writer's 'baby', then this is the ultrasound stage. Some form is being given to what has previously been a bulky manuscript. Yes, I have it printed out here even though it was sent electronically. Thank God for the computer age. Could you imagine the cost of mailing this mass of paper down south?

This prenatal bulk will also be formally named. The working title will be exchanged for something that more befits what the novel has become. My baby will have a name!

I'm still awaiting the editing stage -- and I know there will be a lot for me to do when we get there -- but just think, a cover! That blank website will have something to capture a reader's interest. I can start with promo material -- bookmarks at the very least. Uh, something else to add to that long To Do list.

This is all very exciting. Can you tell? You authors with a long string of titles to your credit may have forgotten the ultra-sound stage. But for me, being my first born, it's a delight.

So, on to the joyful task at hand...and then back to draft #2 of book #2 and the deadline that's looming. Maybe it's a good thing I'm now a dual personality, what with so many tasks.

Any tips on multi-tasking?

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
Mystery Book Club series coming
from Berkley Prime Crime, April, 2012

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  1. Congrats, Mom! The new baby is starting to kick, for sure. And naming her is certainly a fun pre-birth ritual & makes the whole thing much more real(for Baby too!)
    My multi-tasking watchword is LISTS!! I always have to have a list, whether it's in Outlook Calendar, my hardcopy agenda, or on a pad on the desk in front of me -- usually all 3.
    Nothing more satisfying than crossing off items. Sometimes I write some on just to cross them off.