Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Time for a rant!

Sorry, but it's time for another rant. And it's about electronics, once again. I'm feeling jinxed, or maybe it's just dumb, when it comes to these sanity-destroying necessities. I do admit it, I'd be lost without them. Frustrated with them. What's a gal to do!

Today (and yesterday, Monday, too)my computer has been giving me grief. I choose to write on my Toshiba Notebook for this very reason. When on my desk-top, I find that other powers have taken over the insides of this instrument. OK, I know I've done something wrong in the first place, but why can't I ever figure out how to remedy the matter?

This time, I tried to open a flyer (our joint launch announcement, as mentioned on Monday's blog) and thought, Print Shop would be a good choice. Not so. It wouldn't open it. And now, everything attachment that comes in automatically wants to be opened by Print Shop. I have no choice in the matter any more. And, it (P.S.) refuses to open any and everything.

I have figured out how to get around it, in the case of the flyer, but I'm totally frustrated at having to do that every time.

I think this harks back to when I downloaded a program (free) that a friend said would convert formats. I think (being in a hurry), I clicked the part that said, use this as your it's doing that. Everything is being saved in Notepad, which totally skews the format of previously saved items. Am I as confused as I sound?

And don't get me started on my DVD player! It's hooked up but I can't get it programmed. That's several tries later.

I'm jinxed...or as I said, dumb. Oh, well...I guess it's over to the experts. Again. Hopefully, this won't be too costly. On the Notebook and I get along fabulously. (Touch wood!)

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