Friday, November 23, 2012


One of those days...

Well, maybe it's been one of those weeks so TGIF!

I'm seriously considering having a computer-free weekend. I would have made it today, Friday but realized I have this blog plus another commitment that requires the computer. My reason -- I'd really love to have a stress-free day in my life.

I know I've ranted (very recently, too) about my electronics woes. Well, they have continued. I've just bailed two computers out of the service centre which leaves me wondering, what did we spend our money on in those days when we didn't have computers, iPads, iPhones, iWhatevers?

Ah, but the tale continues. Time to whip up a new bookmark and also update Erika's website. Bad move, trying to do them both at the same time. Added stress.

Question -- what sound does a writer make when nothing uploads to a site? You don't want to know. Bad enough I was having trouble with one site but to have the second one be uncooperative at the same time -- total, major stress.

And, having both computers in the shop meant, what to write on? Ok, I could do it the old longhand way and I do know writers who do their, or her in this case, first draft in longhand. But I have this problem of not being able to read my writing after the first two paragraphs or so. May this added a bit of stress, too.

My computer also let me know that Douglas & McIntyre has thrown in the towel. That's another very savvy, very respected Canadian publisher that's out of the picture. However, I refuse to take the gloom & doom road. It's not a bleak picture, it's just in transition. I'm hoping with all fingers and toes crossed that publishers and booksellers are adjusting to the changing market and by doing so, will eventually (note this word!) result in a stronger platform for the writers!

Time will tell and I'm sure I'll find out on the internet. Because although I need a break from this stressful world, it does have it's benefits. I did receive a very nice email from a reader today!

Maybe, it's time for a holiday!!

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