Saturday, September 1, 2012


by Brad Smith

Virgil Cain just can't seem to stay out of trouble! It's not his fault. How was he to know that a quiet afternoon of fishing on the Hudson River could result in his hooking a a big one -- a very heavy unmarked solid steel cylinder. And, it wasn't his fault that mentioning it at the marina would lead to his boat, with cylinder inside, would be impounded by the police. Or maybe it was stolen by a crooked cop. Whatever.

Virgil just wants his boat and trailer back. And that's where the trouble really starts. Because Virgil just doesn't know when to give up.

Along the way he crosses paths with an ex-con who also needs to find that cylinder to clear her name. That's right. A female ex-con who's working as a carpenter on a housing site. Throw in some not-so-savoury characters, some with lots of money and some just looking to make money, and it's another dark and humourous tale of what happens when a man just wants what's his. In this case, a boat and trailer.

He does know he should just back off, especially after the beating he gets that also breaks his arm. And he knows the girl just means more trouble. He knows this but, well, he's Virgil Cain. A guy with a good heart, a sense of justice, and maybe just too much moxy.

This is the second outing for Virgil Cain -- the first being Red Means Run which came out earlier this year. As with that book, I'm hooked on Brad Smith's writing style and his characters. Crow's Landing is a terrific read. And that says it all!

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