Friday, September 14, 2012


A can opener kind of day!

You know what the day's going to be like when you make a grab for the machine, plug it in, take out the espresso beans and discover it's the can opener, not the coffee grinder, that's sitting ready to go. Ughhhh....

Then the egg yolk squirts across your hand (don't ask), and you suddenly remember that trip to the bank. Except, there aren't enough hours in this day to fit it in. What's a gal to do?

Time for some basic time management, I'd say.

But it's really not my fault. I was all geared up, mentally and appointment-wise, to attend the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair on Sat., Sept. 22. Except it's on Sat. Sept. 15. You got it -- tomorrow. And I just found out last week. Too late to change some plans but possible to squeeze other things in, if I forget lunch and have dinner on the fly.

And what about writing? It's one of those day, unfortunately. Life interfers and although I like to think of myself as a writer, today I'm an anything-but kind of person. Do you ever have those kinds of days?

But back to Lyndhurst, which I'm programming into my GPS since it's been a couple of years since I've done the turkey thing. It's a day long celebration in the village. The main street is lined with craft stalls, food stalls, vegetable stalls, and folks selling everything imaginable. It snakes along one side street and on another you'll find some cool classic cars, their owners proudly buffing up hoods. And, there's always and Elvis impersonation going on, gracing the green sprawling lawns of a charming older house.

And speaking of turkeys...that's the food of the day from the church ladies with their hot turkey lunches, to the diners and stands with their turkey burgers. You won't go hungry, that's for sure.

I'm actually going in order to do a signing and hopefully, sell some books. It's not all shopportunities for me. I'll be joined by Vicki Delany and Violette Malan, plus a handful of local authors, in the back room of the public library. This is also part of the annual event.

So, if you're looking for a great drive out into the country and some good old-fashioned, small town charm...see you in Lyndhurst, Ontario.

I may have to put that time management onto another day in my agenda.

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase

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  1. Oh, gosh Linda! Had I mis-led you about the date!?!? Jeepers. Hope the hurry and the fuss turns into a great day in the country and a wonderful introduction of your Erica Chase novels to eager readers.