Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Time mangament...what's that?

Only one more day left in February...and that's a gift this year, being a Leap Year. I for one, can certainly make good use of that extra day. It's like turning the clocks back one hour in the fall. One more hour a day -- whoee!

When did life become so hectic? Can't answer that one but each day I hope to gain control again, to set some order to my agenda and become more productive to boot.
So I use lists. The days I don't, I fall behind. It's not like I'm a slave to the list because I often don't even consult it. In fact, I often can't find it which is to say, tidying my desk is always at the top of the list.

It's the act of writing things down that allows me the perception I'm once again in control of the hours. Often, that action also makes the tasks take hold in my memory and I follow through merrily. Who cares if I've skipped #1 and can't find the list anywhere.

Today, being the day before the final day in February, means one more day to make any RRSP contributions for the past year. The fact that I can't remember if I did it when I received my notice of assessment is not a surprise. This happens every year. I need to make a quick call to my financial advisor and all will be dealt with. But it shouldn't come down to this last minute scurrying each and every year.
I should have a master list for the year and address these annual issues as they arise. Of course I should.

And, I should, being aware that when I'm feeling the pressures of finishing a book, realize that's the time the edits from the previous book will arrive in my email mailbox. And they then become the priority.

But that's also the time that more promotional tasks for the earlier book kick in -- like planning the launch, setting up signings, preparing for panels and workshops.

I know all this...right? So why is it the second to last day in February and I'm in a tizzy? I should write that down on my list...item #2 -- get into tizzy mode. Then I can deal with it by losing the list.

Besides, I always work better to deadline. Or so I like saying.

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