Monday, February 6, 2012


Welcome to the world of social reading!

Are you familiar with the term? You are if you read the story running in the Postmedia newspapers yesterday. It was in the Books section of the Ottawa Citizen, right above a story headlined, 'Reading is in big trouble'. Both gloom and doom stories? Not really...the the social reading story wasn't anyway.

Although, I suppose that's open to debate. The point is that new E-devices are enticing readers into interactive literacy. You read the book on an e-reader, and depending on what electronics you've purchased, can instantly do such things as post favourite sections on Facebook or interact with the author at the same time as reading the book.

If you own an iPad, you can add an app called 'subtext' which allows the author to expand the creative input into such things as adding links within the text or videos or commentary. It's also being touted as a boon for book clubs.

Here's the link (without subtext)...see what you think:

What about you? Does this sound a reader? As an author?

Just let me get settled here with my glass of wine and pull up this month's pick at book club on my e-reader...I may not have worry about an ice storm hitting that night.

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read coming April, 2012
from Berkley Prime Crime

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  1. And here was me thinking 'social reading' must be about book clubs. Or when you're chatting with a chance-met someone and discover they're reading the same book you are. Instant friend!

    Frankly, though I wouldn't baulk if someone gave me an e-reader, stopping the story to look things up or leave messages for the author a great way to ruin my reading experience. As for the pop-up links some say are out there, heavens forfend!

    May 'interactive fiction' long pass my door un-greeted.