Saturday, January 21, 2012


by Kate Burns

The tragic death of a young woman who fell from the eighth story of a Gatineau apartment building didn't go unnoticed. Julia Henry had her eye to her telescope, watching the snow falling. It took just a few minutes for Julia to make the connection. The victim was her former neighbour, Amanda.

From that innocent act, Julia gets drawn in as the police investigate an apparent suicide. For Julia, it starts out as a search for Amanda's missing cat. But along the way, she becomes consumed with the need to find the truth. Was Amanda murdered? Her dreams are haunted by the dead girl. Her relationship with her husband Matt becomes strained as she juggles her job, her young daughter and sleuthing. There's also an ongoing battle with the management company from the apartment building she and Matt recently vacated. Amanda's building.

She meets a neighbour who's new to the 'hood', she discovers photographs on Amanda's laptop while helping the brother design posters about the missing cat, she tracks down Amanda's former lover. And, there's a serial rapist loose in the community.

Burns deftly ties it all together as Julia discovers the killer's identity and narrowly escapes becoming another victim.

This might not be the Gatineau you know. But you'll certainly recognize Burns' descriptions of the locale and enjoy them. Her writing style draws in the reader and provides a compelling read. For those who crave a healthy dose of suspense with their mystery, you'll want to read The Ophelia Trap. Kate Burns lives in the Gatineau-Ottawa area and is working on her second mystery, this one set in Ottawa's Byward Market. Save a space on your bookshelf for it.


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