Monday, November 14, 2011



Thank goodness it's Monday!

Others may herald the end of the week, particularly if it's been a tough one at the office, but I like the blank slate that is Monday. Think about it. An entire new week to shape. For my Mom, Monday was laundry day and it's a habit I've gotten into. Clean towels, clean sheets, windows open and a clean breeze blowing through the house. Fortunately, this year I'm able to open those windows so late in November.

But Monday is much more than household chores, says someone who usually avoids said chores. It's time to plot your week as well as a new novel, perhaps. Some appointments are already on your calendar, especially the hard-to-get ones like with a foot specialist. Some of the weekly routines, the meetings or groups that have a regular afternoon or evening to which they are attached, will be there, too.

But there are all those blank spaces in the agenda that open themselves to new opportunities when viewed with Monday eyes. By Thursday, time is running out and the week's almost over. Whenever will you fit everything in?

My advice is to embrace Monday. If you're toying with the thought of starting a new short story -- Monday is the day to do it. If you want to take an extra hour to sit in your pj's with a coffee and newspaper -- it's a good way to break in the new week.

So, what will you do that's new today?

Mary Jane Maffini's regular Monday blog will return. Stay tuned!

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  1. I did my home work for a Tuesday night class that I usually leave until Tues. This leaves me free to travel out of town to see dear nephew # 4 play in a senior high school football game . . . against my alma mater. Probably will toss and turn all night deciding who to cheer for!

    This week, not so many white spaces in my calendar, but I managed some writing last week.