Friday, November 18, 2011


Excited about a title!

You may already know since I plastered the news on Facebook and Twitter yesterday, that my publisher likes my suggested title for book #2. Read And Buried was my first choice out of a list of five I sent in. The reason this pleases me so much is that my #1 title for book #1 was rejected. Instead, the sales department choose A Killer Read, which was buried in my list of suggestions.

Sales definitely steers the publishing ship. When it came to the cover conference, I was asked for my suggestions which were opposite from what sales wanted to see. Since one of the locations in the book is a Southern antibellum style mansion, I was then asked for a photo of what I'd envisioned. I haven't seen the cover yet, so I'm very curious as to what it will be.

Then came the cover blurb. I wrote one. They wrote one. I revised their's. They revised my revision.

When my manuscript came back with the editor's comments, I was thrilled. And happy to incorporate her suggestions. When my manuscript then came back with the copy editor's revisions and suggestions, I agreed with the majority. What pleased me in particular was that with each comment she'd made, she ended with an 'ok?'. It was still my book, after all.

I was actually very delighted with the thoroughness of the copy editor. This manuscript that had gone through readings by at least five people still, at this late stage, contained a 'ghost' of a previous draft. Good on you, whoever you are!

When the book appeared on and, coverless mind you, but available for pre-order -- that a thrill!

My cheque, payable on acceptance of the manuscript, also arrived this week. Okay, that's crass but it's also another validation of the journey on the road to publication.

This is not news to the published writers out there, it may be of interest to those just entering the process, and hopefully to those still dabbling with the idea. It has truly been a collaborative process and I've been so lucky to have a wonderful editorial team guiding me along.

It's also been a journey of new experiences, all of them good. The journey continues as I finally get working on my Erika Chase website. She's had a Facebook page and Twitter account for a while now but I find this task the most daunting of all. But it's also an important one. The pre-promotion has been happening for awhile but will ramp up as April 3 approaches. And then I'll jump into the flurry of signings and conferences, all in the name of reaching out to readers. That will also be fun.

Book #2 is already in their hands. Book #3 is at the first draft stage. In fact, I've got to get at it. But I'm wondering, has your journey differed in any way or stage? Hopefully, it's been fun, too.

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read coming April 3, 2012
from Berkley Prime Crime

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