Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The hunt continues!

Continuing on yesterday's theme, I mentioned all the cathedrals we sang in, but we did the tourist thing through many more. Majestic is the only word to describe them. While we do have wonderful catherdals in Canada -- Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal comes first to mind -- there's something about the knowledge that these buildings in France are centuries old that makes it such an awesome experience.

It's easy to get drawn in by the ghosts past. Especially if some classical music is
being played or the organist is practicing. Gazing at the many tableaux in a cathedral, the echoes of centuries can be heard. The artwork is amazing. The frescos that adorn the walls, the carved dark woodwork, the massive columns of walls and of course, the numerous stained glass windows and domes that leave one speechless.

A cathedral we wandered through in Nancy was a mass of stained glass windows supported by thin columns of stonework. An amazing structural feat.

Another aspect the cathedrals have in common is the darkness, especially when wandering around the apse, or peering into one of the many recesses along the sides. What better place to hide a body? Or perhaps displayed in the busyness of a tableaux. And if no one's looking, you might be able to wander through a dark doorway, climb narrow stone steps, and find all shapes and sizes of rooms. One wonders if the caretaker checks each of these areas each night.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is NOT an ideal site to stash a body. The long
line-up to enter and walk through is watched by keen eyes. Our choir when it sang there, was kept waiting at a side locked gate until we were all accounted for -- all 70 of us. We were then swiftly ushered inside the fenced outdoors and encouraged to swiftly move into a side entrance. When we'd all reached the change rooms, we were given a strict number of minutes to get ready, all were accounted for, then guided once again up the stone stairs to the main cathedral area. When the concert was over, all was done again in reverse. No side excursions were allowed, everyone had to be ready to exit at the same time and out we went.

I've never encountered that before but then again, this is Notre Dame! Besides, there were so many churches and cathedrals around, one would not be at a loss. That is, unless you got caught up in all the beauty of the place...and got caught.

Have you encountered any unusual spots in your travels that would be ideal for the deed?

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read coming April, 2012
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  1. Oh well, we all love a challenge and I'll bet you'll find a way to outwit Notre Dame.

    You've got me thinking about stashing bodies now!

  2. What a terrible pity about Notre Dame. I remember visiting there in the worry-free 60's and being free to wander at will. Jaw hanging open in awe. An even more stunning cathedral is Chartres.