Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The not-so-lonely life of a writer...

It's often said that writing is a solitary task and that at a certain point, every writer needs to get out and enjoy a social life. I've just passed another milestone in my writing career...and can attest to the fact that the solitary phase does pass.

To re-iterate, the first book in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries was due on the editor's computer last Dec. lst. Check. Did that. Then, book #2 was due on Sept. 1st. Also check. It went in.

A couple of months ago the cover process started for book #1. My input was sought, the cover blurb was written & revised, a bio was sent. Then last weekend, book #1 appeared back in my inbox, complete with comments for revision. Did that, sent it back yesterday.

Throughout this journey, I've had some amazing input to help me along the way. First from my great friend who hooked me up with her agent, then from my agent with the first three chapters, then the Berkley editor for the same three chapters. After I'd written a second draft of the novel, it went out to readers. More input came in, which assisted with the next draft. Several research questions answered by people in the know. More massaging (of both the book & my sore back) and then, the completed manuscript was sent in. Time for a glass of wine!

My point is that sure, there were solitary chunks of writing time in the nine month process. But it took teamwork to get to the publishing stage. Colleagues, friends, agent, editor, family, too! And also, people I know from other interests in my life asking how the book was coming along and saying they couldn't wait to read it. Sweet words to an author.

So, thanks to my entire team for all your support. This social stage will be short-lived though. Book #3 is due in 9 months. See you at the other end!

Who have been the supports in your writing life?

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
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