Saturday, December 8, 2012


By Hilary MacLeod
Acorn Press

Hy McAlister and the eccentric villagers at The Shores are back again in a quirky tale, this one set at Christmas. If you’ve read the first in the series, Revenge of the Lobster Lover, you’ll already be familiar with the colourful characters that inhabit this forgotten part of the Eastern coast.

This time, the legacy of a local abandoned house, Wild Rose Cottage brings into play a tale of mystery, tragedy and eventual release. A family traveling from Dawson Creek, B.C. makes the cross-country journey to claim the family home of Rose, wife of Fitz, and mother of Jamie. Their tale is one of abuse and sorrow but eventually encompasses the inhabitants of this outport.

There’s another newcomer to The Shores and her story is also one of quilt and secrecy. She’s Const. Jane Jamieson of the RCMP, unhappy at her new posting, but eventually her reserve is whittled away by the sad tale of Rose’s family.

And then there’s Hy, comfortably ensconced in the community, directing the Christmas pageant and just as unsettled about her relationship with local Ian Simmons; her friend Lili and husband Nathan; the elderly Gus; and, the interfering Moira…all return in this tale of greed and guilt. With a healthy dose of gusto.

Hilary MacLeod splits her time between Ontario and PEI. She manages to skillfully blend the dark side with the light, threading humour in characters and dialogue through the serious tale of human foibles and tragedy. This is the third book in The Shores series and an offbeat story for the Christmas holidays.

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