Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dreams and Goals
Dreams are a good thing in our lives. When we are stuck in traffic, in the line-up at the drug store, or having our teeth drilled at the dentist (my personal favourite), we need somewhere to go that is better than Calgon or not as strong as Bailey’s. Most people have bigger dreams than a soak in a foaming bubble bath. They often include outlandish things like winning the lotto -- I had a neighbour once who actually did win a million dollars on a scratch-n-win, but she was one of
those people on whom it was wasted. It’s all gone now. Then there are the dreams that involve things like exploring the North Pole, discovering the cure for cancer, or creating a world peace plan that works. Some dreams involve Brad Pitt, one that I could never see, but I am pretty sure now that he is engaged again that this one is out of range (not to mention the 6 kids).
And again like most people who dream, many of us just dream and do not make a plan. But there are some people who have a dream and make a plan and work towards it and never let go of that plan. Those people have changed the dream into a goal. And a goal with a plan and hard work is so much more attainable and real for those who work on it and stick to the plan, whatever happens or however long it takes. A couple of weeks ago I was a guest at the launch of my friend Linda Wiken’s first published book (She is also the famous Mystery Maven Canada). Linda is one of those who had a dream that she turned into a goal. She approached it with a plan, and quietly worked steadily towards her goal, attaining other rewards and great accomplishments as she went, but never losing sight of the ultimate goal – publishing her first book. I was very proud to be there cheering her on, as she was surrounded by friends, Ladies Killing Circle colleagues, former loyal customers of her mystery shop Prime Crime, many friends and connections, and various publishing & other dignitaries. It was great to be a part of the celebration of the prize at the end of the goal. Linda, I salute you for your eye-on-the-prize, your unwavering determination and hard work, and your dream that turned into a wonderful book. Lizzie, Sally-Jo and Andie in A Killer Read are cheering for you too. Here’s to the next 2 books in your Ashton Corners series, and then, who knows, maybe you’ll need another goal. Catherine Lee (Cathy) is a college textbook buyer in Ottawa, has been a bookseller and book buyer by trade for most of her life, and is a member of 2 book clubs. She became a book lover on her parents’ knees at story time & by flashlight under the bed sheets. One of her greatest pleasures is sharing great books with friends, of course while sipping wine. Her blogs appear the final Wednesday of each month.

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