Monday, April 16, 2012


Spring has sprung!

A blog I was reading earlier triggered today’s thoughts. It’s spring! Time for new beginnings. And rather than mention a certain wedding I attended, I’m back to writing topics.

I’m thinking of new beginnings for older books. Those ones that have gone out-of-print or may never even have met a publisher. Everywhere you look, authors are turning these wonders into e-books and the reading public seems to be snapping them up.

The Ladies’ Killing Circle decided to give it a go and put together Little Treasures last year. It’s a collection of our short stories from the very first LKC anthology, The Ladies’ Killing Circle. We went the easy route and hired publishing whiz Donna Carrick to handle to technical side, a decision we’re still patting ourselves on the back for. While many choose to do the entire process on their own, none of us has the time nor inclination (read ‘technical knowledge’) to tackle the task.

We’re now contemplating producing another but that decision requires a few more glasses of wine.

What a great way to breathe new life into stories that have long been forgotten. There’s an entire new readership out there theses days and tons more books with which to compete. Little chance those earlier backlist or stand-alones would have a chance if it weren’t for e-books.

And I say that, even after spending a frustrating week with my Kobo. I know, I may one day embrace the new technology but for now, it was expedient but not particularly pleasing.

I’d be interested in hearing your e-book experiences. Hope they all start out with the phrase, “I made tons of money doing this.”

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase

A Killer Read
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