Friday, April 6, 2012



It's Blog-oliday time! I won't be posting again until Monday, April which point I'll be back from a trip to the sunny southern regions and my son's wedding!

So, since I'll be partying it's only fair that the blog be in party mode also.

Hence, a Blog-oliday and you're all invited. However, you have to bring along your favourite character from a mystery novel. And, we'd like to know why this character is so privileged to receive an invitation.

I'll start it off by bringing Insp. Aurelio Zen from the Michael Dibdin series. He's irreverent, a bit on the dark side, but with a sense of humour at just the right moments, and a lot of tales to tell. Plus, he's Italian! Okay, he is also dead. But these are fictional characters, so anything goes!

Okay...your turn! I'm anxious to see what our party mix is like by the time I return.

Party on!

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read
Berkley Prime Crime

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  1. Linda --- so happy for you to be celebrating your son's marriage on an exotic, warm island. Enjoy a well deserved holiday!

    I have many favourite crime fiction characters, but if we are bringing one to a party/holiday, I'd have to choose Stephanie Plum. She seems to have a 'blast' wherever she goes, she's a magnet for the most attractive and slightly dangerous men around and she'd probably bring a box of doughnuts & some fried chicken and leave her gun home in the cookie jar. And we'd likely have a new rental car to drive everyday of our vaycay.