Friday, December 2, 2011



Hopefully you've noticed under 'Events' that the Twelve Days of Bookmas is here once again. Now, you may be wondering why Mystery Maven is taking part in this pre-Christmas romp through bookland. It's mainly because my agent's literary agency is doing it and they've invited their authors to participate. It's a second return engagement for Bookmas because it was so successful last year. And I think that readers on both sides of the border should have the opportunity to win free books!

Besides, it's great fun.

All the details are found at the BookEnds Literary Agency website. To play, start at each day. That's the set-up. Next step is to gather the clues by going to the websites, blogsites, Twitter and/or Facebooks of the participating authors. They're all listed at the bottom of each day's question and it's easy to just click on them. Mystery Maven is listed as Erika Chase. That's me, right?

Hopefully, the clues will combine to give you the answer, whether it's a book title, author ... whatever's on the BookEnd's mysterious minds for that day. They're all widely-read so these aren't strictly mysteries she's touting. Clues will be posted at noon every weekday for 12 days.

One of the website's you'll want to visit is that of Ontario mystery writer Janet Bolin at Her second book in the Threadville mysteries is due in Feb., 2012 from Berkley Prime Crime. If you're a cosy-lover, you'll want to add this series to your list of favourites and there's just enough time to read the first book, Dire Threads before Threaded for Trouble hits the shelves.

That's the great thing about Bookmas -- you'll find quite an array of new authors to try and you'll also get some great reading suggestions from BookEnds. You can start from this page each day after reading the Mystery Maven blog. Just click on the Bookmas link under events (be sure to read my clue also) and follow the trail to the right answer. And, a free book.

Happy Bookmassing!

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read coming April 3, 2012
from Berkley Prime Crime


  1. Thanks for the mention, Linda/Erica! Actually, readers have more time to read Dire Threads before Threaded for Trouble comes out--Threaded for Trouble (a killer sewing machine lives up to its name . . .) will hit store shelves on June 5. That's after A Killer Read comes out!

  2. Oops...where did I get the Feb. date? I do write fiction after all. It's on my pre-order list.

  3. Notice that I got my revenge by misspelling Erika. Thanks for the support!

  4. What a devil you are! No wonder your books are such fun reads!