Saturday, December 10, 2011


Red Means Run
by Brad Smith
Simon & Schuster

I'm in love with Brad Smith. Okay, I've admitted it. So that's why, when I received the advance reading copy of his latest novel, Red Means Run, I couldn't wait to read it.

I usually don't review books until they're available on the shelves for readers. I know it's frustrating to read a great review and not be able to find the book. But this time, I'm making the exception because Red Means Run will be available in January, so that's not long to wait.

And another reason is that if you haven't yet discovered Canadian author Brad Smith, you'll have time to read Brad's earlier books before Red Means Run releases. It's not necessary because he doesn't write a series. But once you get hooked on his writing, I know you'll want to read them all.

So, now I'll edit my opening statement -- I'm really in love with his writing. And, Red Means Run did not disappoint me. It has all the Brad Smith qualities -- the laid back protagonist -- Virgil Cain -- with a prison record and a good heart; several bad guys trying to get the best of him; and that touch of romantic sparks zapping the pages.

Virgil Cain is trying to live the quiet life on a farm in upstate New York, after serving a jail sentence in Quebec (the Canadian connection!). So much for that goal when the body of a very successful, much-loathed criminal lawyer is found on a golf course. It's too bad he had a connection to Cain and that just two weeks prior, Cain had wished him dead. Out loud. In front of witnesses!

Once the cops, or at least the lead detective, thinks he has his murderer and indeed, throws Cain in jail, the search for other suspects is finished. Cain knows his only hope is to escape and prove his innocence.

What he doesn't know is the other cop -- the cute female who has all the brains -- is also keeping an open mind and while she must track down the escaped Cain, she's also trying to find the real killer. But when another body, also tied into the lawyer, is found dead, that noose gets so much tighter around Cain's neck.

Brad Smith has mastered the funny, sexy noir caper and Red Means Run is a prime example! Read it for the dialogue, read it for the chase, read it to have a very enjoyable time.

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Mystery Maven Canada is pleased to launch Brad Smith's Blog Tour on January 4th. Be sure to stop by as Brad gets the third degree!

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  1. Red Means Run sounds very interesting, Linda, and I look forward to reading it. I'll watch for Brad's appearance here in January!

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