Wednesday, October 5, 2011


New and coming to a bookshelf near you!

The fall season is a booksellers' delight. We're moving towards Christmas, after all. And think of all those new titles to tantalize readers. Many of these books will end up under the Christmas tree or stuffed into a Christmas stocking. (Sorry to mention the "C" word...but it's coming!)

These new titles are ordered at the various book fairs, usually in when they arrive at a bookstore, it's a delight to unpack them, revel over them and offer them to customers. It's like...well, Christmas!

When I first started in the bookselling business, this was the premier season. Every author wanted his or her book to be on the fall list. Translation -- bigger sales. That's shifted slightly over the years as publishers realized readers need books throughout the year. Imagine that! So each seasonal list is now larger and has more variety. A bonus for those of us anxious to add more books to our already bulging shelves.

The Canadian mystery scene is also dynamic throughout the year. A good way to keep
up with new releases by checking out the Crime Writers of Canada webpage -- Or check in with your local bookseller for the details.

Here are just a few of the new fall titles from Canadian writers:

Orchestrated Murder -- Rick Blechta
The Shadow Killer -- Gail Bowen
Gold Mountain -- Vicki Delany
Camouflaged Killer -- David Gibb
Creep -- Jennifer Hillier
Picasso Blues -- Lee Lamothe
Hang Down Your Head -- Janice MacDonald
Malabarista -- Garry Ryan
Murder in Hum Harbour -- Jayne E. Self
Sitting Lady Sutra -- Kay Stewart

Tantalizing selection, isn't it? So I'd suggest you get reading!

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read coming April 3, 2012
from Berkley Prime Crime


  1. Linda,

    That is a great list indeed! I hope you don't mind, but there is at least one Canadian author that I would like to add to this list and that is Kate Burns, author of The Ophelia Trap. She can be located through her webiste at:

    On a side note, it is GREAT to find another Canadian based mystery writing blog filled with interesting and talented Canadian authors!


  2. Thanks for the name, Becky. I hope others will be added that I've missed.
    We do have some terrific mystery authors and should be celebrating...and reading them!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Linda. But I must point out that Gold Mountain has been delayed until spring with the switch to Dundurn. It will be released in April 2012.