Saturday, October 1, 2011


by Jennifer Hillier
Gallery Books, Simon & Schuster

Creepy should be the title of this book. It's sub-title says it all -- "A thriller of deadly attraction". And if you're into psychological thrillers that grip you and just won't ease up on the tension...this is the book for you.

Dr. Sheila Tao has an enviable job as a professor of psychology, an engagement to an investment banker...and a secret. Several, actually. One is that she's having an affair with one of her grad students. And he's not about to be brushed off just because she's getting married in a few weeks.

This is where the creepiness takes over. It turns into a deadly game of psychological wits as student Ethan Wolfe first threatens to expose their affair by posting a sex video on the internet -- killing both Tao's esteemed career and her engagement. But it takes an inflammatory text message from Tao to send Wolfe over the edge and well past the stage of revenge.

Add to that the body of one of Tao's students, an attractive female dive champion, found stabbed and dumped in the river. Wolfe was her TA.

Then Tao disappears, leaving her fiance a tearful message that breaks off their engagement. Her stunned ex-fiance hires a private investigator. And Tao fights the supreme psychological game for her life.

Hillier knows how to write a thriller. What's surprising is the fact that this is a debut novel is surprising. The suspense is rivetting, the twists are shocking, the story will keep you on the edge. If that's the way you'll want to read Creep.

Jennifer Hillier is a Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, but lives in the U.S., in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. You can check her out at

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