Saturday, March 26, 2011


by Donald J. Hauka
Dundurn Press

The incomparable Mister Jinnah is at it again. In She Demons, the second book in this imaginative series, ace crime reporter Hakeem Jinnah is pit against a cult--the Millenial Magic or MiMis -- and even worse, the Yaksha, a drug running killer organization from the U.S.

The first body is that of a cult "prophet", Thad whose be-headed body (albeit, the head is resting in place complete with signs carved on the cheeks) signal that sinister things are taking place in Vancouver. This is not news to Jinnah, who on the continual search for a page one story, is ready to tangle again with cult leader Lionel Simons, a shock-rocker star to whom Jinnah once had to print an apology, something he still smarts about.

The carving signals the first sign of the Yaksha across the border. But no one believes Jinnah. Not even his friend, police Sergeant Craig Graham whose career is threatened by this murder. He's out to do damage control, enlisting Jinnah.

Jinnah teams up with for Miss Wreck Beach beauty Jassy Singh, another person with reason to hate Jinnah for past stories. But they share a common goal -- to rescue another cult member, Andy Gill from deep within the clutches of the MiMis. It doesn't help that Andy is the son of an acquaintance and Jinnah has promised to find him.

Things get very dicey when Jinnah's own son, Saleem, gets cult-struck and starts attending raves and "meetings" at the drop-in centre. Jinnah's wife is non too pleased with him for trying to use Saleem for some recon on these outings.

It's all getting to be too much for the brash-mouthed, wise-cracking Jinnah and he truly believes it's the end when he's captured and ear-marked to be part of a mass cult murder.

This fast-moving plot takes the reader on a tour of Vancouver, from it's grungy under-belly to the classy West Vancouver mansions, with Jinnah in his Gucci loafers and his van, known as the "satellite-guided Love Machine". There's grit and violence along with humourous dialogue and memorable characters.

The first Jinnah, Mister Jinnah, was adapted for television, followed by another television adaption a couple of years later. No doubt, She Demons will soon be on the tube, too.

Linda Wiken

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