Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Writing woes...

This will be short. Because I'm sick.

Gone are the days when I would phone in sick, either unable to physically do the trek and/or worried about spreading germs. These days, the trek is to my office just down the hall and the germs get spread to my cats, like it or not.

But, because I'm a writer, I feel the call of duty or perhaps the guilt, and turn on the computer, hoping to write this blog and also, at least a couple chapters of my book, before crawling back to bed. That's what we do.

As I said, this will be short. Because I'm heading back to bed. The chapters, possibly one, will be done this afternoon.

But I'm wondering, what are the downsides of being a writer? Have you come across any?

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
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Murder By the Book


  1. You never get a sick day! That's a downside. Get better soon!

  2. There's always the money. Or lack of same. That's a downside too.