Friday, February 4, 2011


by Hilary MacLeod
Acorn Press

If you're a lobster lover, and I mean the kind that loves eating them, you may have a few rocky moments in reading this delightful book. But, put those reservations, so to speak, aside and dig into a mystery that features a cast of the most eclectic and eccentric folks you'll ever meet.

The location is The Shores, not far removed from The Island. Hm, wonder what PEI residents think of all this? MacLeod brings together a very wealthy but slightly odd come-from-away, who's bought a very modern A-frame in a very precarious cliff, overlooking the ocean.

Then there's Hyacinth, or Hy as she's called, free-lance writer writing from her home, at the moment an article about lobster recipes for a client's newsletter. She's from 'away' also and trying desperately to fit in. When she invites a speaker whose topic is lobsters to the Women's Institute meeting, and this woman turns out to be part of the LLL -- the Lobster Liberation League -- and proceeds to lambaste the women about cruelty to lobsters, it doesn't do much to help Hy's standing in the community.

Then the attacks start on the lobster lines and local fishermen are ready to bear arms. Everyone in town is blaming Hy but she's onto another infiltrator -- two to be exact, and now she has been ear-marked for some messy and violent threats.

As she tries to convince the LLL lady to skip town, a deadly confrontation on the seas takes place, a chef flying high on coke is electrocuted in his own lobster pool, a ferocious storm batters The Shores and all hell breaks lose.

It's hilarious and endearing, with more nefarious goings-on than a lobster stew. Not to be missed. By the way, the author divides her time between Ontario and PEI and is a bright mysterious light on the Canadian crime scene.


  1. I laughed out loud many times, but not during the serious parts! It was a lot of fun (but not for the lobsters).

  2. What a pair of sweethearts you are. Even if you do spend a good part of your lives figuring out how to kill people.

    I was thrilled to receive a positive review in the Globe and Mail -- I thought that was a high point, but I am every bit as thrilled at your support. You warm my heart.

    Thank you, thank you. May your killers always be successful. May your sleuths be too -- in a pinch. May that wind that's at your back not be from the northeast.

  3. You're most welcome, Hilary. It was a fun read, but not during the serious parts. Those were good, though. Hope sales go through the roof!