Friday, February 18, 2011


What's that all about?

I'm late in posting today because of appointments. Was out at the crack of dawn, trying to beat the long wait for blood work (the usual annual type) and then just continued on from there. So, thinking I'd cheat a bit, I looked back at the earliest blogs, hoping to find one remotely worthy of re-posting.

What I'm thinking is, it's a good thing to look over the past every now and then. Not to wallow in it. But to see if you can spot any themes or the like. Such as the fact that many of my blogs have dealt with procrastination. Which, is a theme in my life.

I put off making that phone call to the city about the road cut in front of my house. Why? I'm not really sure. Or maybe it's because I know I'll get the same line -- can't do anything until "asphalt season", which translated means there's only the patching stuff available for roadwork until around the end of April. But, I should call and get on the waiting list!

Then, it's answering email. Not because I don't want to communicate with the sender. It's just that it may require extra time or extra action, such as trolling through old files, so that gets left but only for a moment. And as we all know, once it's out of sight, it's out of mind. So when the next 30 email bump it off the screen -- bye, bye.

But the major procrastination is writing. It's far too easy to let life intrude and tend to those appointments (which I'm now making only for after 2 p.m.), the housework (which gets done in spurts, but usually when I should be in front of the computer), or shopping (also being tasked to the afternoon from now on). And, there's the internet. I know we need to keep in touch. I know you'd all miss this blog if it wasn't posted, that my Facebook friends would agonize for hours wondering why I hadn't posted something scintillating, and that Erika Chase would soon be forgotten if I didn't try to keep her name front and centre, building up to pub date.

My favourite one is playing the cat in, my cat is dozing on the keyboard/sitting in front of the screen/playing with the mouse. Can't work now!

See...I'm doing it right now! So enough of this. I promise to try to write less about procrastination and do more about it. Now, this comes with a price. It may upset others' plans. Because you're reading this right now...what else should you be doing?

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase


  1. I procrastinate too, but I've decided to worry about that tomorrow.

    A fun post, Linda!

  2. Ah - procrastination - how many ways do I love thee when something I don't want to do awaits me. There's always a chance the task will disappear if you ignore it and that's a chance I'm nearly always willing to take.