Friday, December 10, 2010


The power of writers...

It's been an interesting week in publishing land. But, in keeping with the holiday spirit, a "miracle" of sorts has happened. Authors have been listened to and heeded!

We're already in the thick of holiday shopping and what did the RendezVous Crime authors find out about their new titles? They were sitting in the Chapters/Indigo warehouse and had been for at least a couple of months. Now, this is bad news at any time of year but especially now, when holiday shoppers are wanting new crime fiction to place in stockings and under the tree. I'm taking the positive approach here that positively every reader wants a new book for Christmas, and most want mysteries.

Action was needed. The authors in question put the word out and sent letters right to the top, to Heather Reisman. The social networking elves also whipped into action and alerted readers and mystery supporters to become vocal about this grinch-like situation. And so, the miracle unfolded as Ms. Reisman responded very quickly to the plea and the warehouse problems were sorted out, and best of all, the books were released for shipment to the various Chapters/Indigo stores throughout the land.

And, they are slowly finding their way onto the shelves in each location...but it doesn't hurt to ask about them next time you're in shopping, if you can't find these titles as yet.

In these days of decreasing numbers of independent bookstores and Chapters/Indigo becoming increasing as multi-product retailer, we need to stay alert and stay vocal. Our wonderful Canadian mystery and crime authors need our support, not only in buying their books but also in spreading the word about these good reads, and also in keeping the books in stock at the various retailers. We can do it! We have done it...and that's a good way of saying thank you to the authors.

Here's wishing you many new reads under your seasonal tree...and hopefully, they're mainly mysteries!

Linda Wiken


  1. Excellent news! Our efforts were not in vain.

  2. Yes, some progress, although things seem to have stalled a bit now, at least for my book. Only two Chapters in Ottawa have my new one - Rideau and South Keys. But at least they're there! And of course, at Books on Beechwood!

  3. How frustrating, but at least some light at the end o the tunnel. Barb, your new book is such a terrific read! It would make a great gift (to self or others) and is well worth the hunt.