Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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We're into the fall season...and if this wonderful weather today isn't a dead giveaway, so to speak, then the new titles out on the mystery shelves should be! Lots of great Canadian mystery reading opportunities! Here's what's happening on the local scene.

Three authors are part of the Natural Resources Canada Art and Literary Show and Sale, today and tomorrow in Ottawa. Barbara Fradkin's latest Inspector Green, Beautiful Lie the Dead, has just been released and it's another gripping read. Barbara, of course, is the winner of two Best Novel awards from Crime Writers of Canada.

Vicki Delany, who now resides in beautiful Picton, is signing copies of the latest Molly Smith novel, Negative Images. This is book number four in this popular police series set in B.C. Vicki's also just finished writing the newest book in her Klondike series, which should be out sometime next year.

Unfortunately, R.J. Harlick's new Meg Harris mystery won't be out until spring, 2011 but she'll be signing copies of Arctic Death, book number four in the series, which was short-listed for the Arthur Ellis Best Novel award from Crime Writers of Canada this year.

Also in town for the event is Violette Malan, who has abandoned her earlier mystery tendencies to concentrate fully on fantasy (but she's still most welcome in the criminal -- writing -- world). She'll be signing book number four in her series, Path of the Sun.

Meanwhile, Brenda Chapman is heading to the mystery conference, Magna Cum Murder in Muncie, Indiana, along with Mary Jane Maffini and they're doing it bookstore by bookstore. Brenda's signing her just-released (& I mean straight from the printer to her car) first adult mystery, In Winter's Grip, which should be available in town next week. Brenda has established herself as the well-known author of four young adult mysteries.

Due shortly, too is the second book from local mystery author C.B. Forrest, titled Slow Recoil with Toronto police detective Charlie McKelvey back on the scene. His first book, The Weight of Stones, was also short-listed this year in the Best First Novel category from Crime Writers of Canada.

So, if you have time today (9-4) or tomorrow (9-1) to stop and shop at the Natural Resources Canada Art & Literary Show & Sale, you'll have a great time schmoozing with the authors and picking up some, dare I say it, Christmas gifts!

Or, the alternative, shop at your local Independent bookstore, where you'll find these and many more new releases from Canadian mystery writers.

Have you just picked up a "hot-off-the-press" new Canadian mystery? Tell all, please!

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase

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