Friday, October 29, 2010


More new books on the scene.

It's almost impossible to keep up with all the new books by Canadian mystery and crime authors on the shelves in bookstores these days. Partly because the numbers have increased and also because there are many new names from different regions in the country...and it's all good news! What I'll attempt to do is periodically highlight new titles. And I certainly welcome suggestions and info about any I'm missing. If you'd rather not leave this as a comment, then please email me at

From the West Coast, there's another Inspector Coswell mystery out, #3 in the series by Roy Innes, Murder in the Chilcotin. And set on the East Coast, Hilary MacLeod is garnering a lot of interest with her wonderful title suggestive of some humour mixed in with the menace, Revenge of the Lobster Lover.

In the legal thriller category, Pamela Callow's debut novel is Damaged, introducing lawyer Kate Lange and it's set in Halifax. Two more in the series will soon follow.

Backtracking by a few months, Garry Ryan celebrated his fourth Detective Lane police procedural set in Calgary, Smoked, and we have the Canadian heavyweights with the latest in their series: Gail Bowen and Nesting Dolls, the 12th outing for Joanne Kilbourn; while John Cardinal appears in Crime Machine, #5 for Giles Blunt; and, Peter Robinson's Bad Boy is book #19 in the Alan Banks series -- can you believe it!

So, lots to choose from and of course, a lot more to come. Be sure to look for them on the shelves of your local Independent bookstore!

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase


  1. Thanks for the mention, Linda. Just back from the East plugging the book. . launch in Belleville at Greenley's Thursday night On my first tour, I' ve found out writing is the easy part!

  2. Hi Linda - thanks for the mention! INDEFENSIBLE, the second book of the series, will be released on Dec. 28th, 2010. TATTOOED is scheduled for the following year, and a fourth book after that.

    Pam Callow