Friday, July 23, 2010

Entertaining a split personality.

Erika Chase stopped by today, not for as long as I would have liked, but enough time to plot things along and get another couple of chapters written. Yesterday, she hung around for most of the afternoon and we whipped through 20 pages. Seems I can't get things written without her presence.

I go on Facebook and check the Linda page, maybe post what's on my mind if I think it will be of interest to others. I'll comment on some other posts or hit the 'like' tab a few times. Then, I sign out and got to Erika's page. Since we're friends, I read my postings there and sometimes comment. Of course, Erika has other things on her mind so often finds she needs to post. Sign her off. All is well.

Then, it's time to check email. That would be three addresses when you add Mystery Maven to Linda & Erika.

By that time, I need to check who I really am.

And, let's not get into the deal about websites. Do we really each need one? Yes, I'm told. That's the wonderful world of promo and you have to hit the writing business at a full gallop these days.

They great thing about it is there are so many wonderful examples out there already. Look at all the blogs. Type M for Murder features well-known Canadian authors, Crime Writers of Canada has its own, as does Anthony Bidulka (and it's a particularly funny one). In my new field of cosies, there are numerous sites to feed the inquiring brain. Let me know your blogsite and I'll try to give it a mention and bookmark it for sure.

The same goes for many writers are doing such great things on the web these days. I'm a real neophyte but enjoying every minute of the research. And, I'm finding out such great things about fellow writers. I hope the readers are taking full advantage of blogs and websites, too.

So, tonight, I think I'm looking forward to some reading and then another episode of Flashpoint. Erika's on her own. I'm sure she'll be back tomorrow and maybe she'll bring with her some insights -- one can hope!


  1. I think Erica would like the Killer Characters blog:

  2. You are so right! She (& I)have spent time there before. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Get Erika to do more of the work! Is she getting a free ride?


    Charlotte Adams mysteries

  4. Actually, MJ -- she's a hard task-master, skilled at preying on my guilty conscience.