Friday, October 18, 2013


by Brenda Chapman
Grass Roots Press

by Brenda Chapman
Grass Roots Press

Ottawa mystery writer Brenda Chapman has launched a new series, one of the first with Grass Roots Press, an Alberta publisher that is looking at the growing "reluctant reader" market. The first two in the Anna Sweet series, My Sister's Keep and The Hard Fall, were released earlier this month and the appeal of this series goes well beyond its intended market.

Anna Sweet is a former Ottawa police officer who returns to her hometown when her sister's life is threatened in My Sister's Keeper. She comes bearing baggage -- five years of moving around the US, working in bars and waitressing, outrunning her past which includes being jilted by her lover who turned to her sister, and killing a teen in the line of duty. She's at outs with her family but still, when family calls, Sweet answers. No one believes her sister is at risk. Until Sweet takes on a killer.

In The Hard Fall, Sweet has stayed in Ottawa to take care of her sick father, and joined a new PI firm. The case is a tough one -- a high profile married business tycoon, one of the movers and shakers in town, accused of murdering his mistress. Only his wife believes he's innocent until Sweet starts nosing around but even she is surprised by where her investigations lead. Her own life in danger, Sweet sets a trap that could be her last.

These novellas are the perfect length for that wait at the dentist's office, that short plane ride or just a time when you don't want to commit to an entire evening of reading. Fast paced and gripping, well-drawn characters, and dialogue that says volumes, the Anna Sweet series will also be a hit with those of us already committed to reading. Brenda Chapman has perfected the skill of saying a lot with a few words. Don't let the size of these books nor their designation stop you from reading them. You'll find a satisfying read awaiting.

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