Friday, September 20, 2013


by Mike Martin
Baico Publishing

Reviewed by Carole Dalgleish

This is the second book in a good “down home” series set in Newfoundland, with characters you'd enjoy spending time with in real life. You'd also learn to cook – the descriptions of the Newfoundland cuisine had my mouth watering throughout the story.

RCMP Sergeant Winston Windflower is a Cree from Northern Alberta, who has lived in Grand Bank, Newfoundland for three years. He doesn't want to leave. He has a girlfriend, Sheila Hillier, and has gained the respect and acceptance of the locals – most of them anyway.

However, the local bad guys threaten to turn his newly-settled world upside down and shatter it. Discovery of a floating body in the sea nearby is the beginning of an ugly, wide-angled case connected to a previous one. (Recommendation: Read the first book in the series, The Walker on the Cape.)

The story takes the readers into Windflower’s and Sheila's deepening relationship as well as through an RCMP investigation that takes in aspects of Newfoundland history. This includes present day conditions after the collapse of the centuries-old cod fishing industry.

Windflower's ways of dealing with life blends his Aboriginal heritage well with the fast-changing Newfoundland culture as a crisis hits him an Sheila.

A good read. Enjoy!

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