Saturday, July 6, 2013


Travels with my characters.

A writer never travels alone. And I'm not referring to the 40 other choir members on this concert tour of Romania. I find that Lizzie Turner and the gang from the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries are tagging along, eager to pop into my brain at more relaxing times. Like on a 6 hour bus drive from Constanta to Brasov. Or while wandering through a perfectly sculpted park in the centre of the thriving city.

They're there to provide solutions to a plot problem I've been having, complete with dialogue to drive the story forward. Of course, I think they also want to enjoy the trip and see some of this wonderful countryside. They've been staying quiet in Brasov though but I suspec that's because it's been such a busy few days with some shopping time, some side tours, rehearsals, concerts and a lot of eating, wining and even, folk dancing. I do think Lizzie was involved in that though.

I have managed to carve out some writing time but mostly I've been immersing myself in this learning experience. There is such wealth in the oldness of countries like Romania. I'm overwhelmed by the beauty and sense of history to be found in the buildings, particularly the churches. If Canada lacks anything, it is this intense sense of a past which is present in everyday life. I love it.

I'm wondering if Lizzie will want to take a trip here sometime, maybe solve a murder or two, although I highly doubt it. Enough that she's visiting it now. It will give them all something to talk about.

Of course, that's what all writers experience. Travels with their characters. Where have yours been lately?

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