Friday, June 21, 2013


Blogging can be good for your health!

So, I'm on a blog tour right now. Or at least, Erika Chase is. It's my first time taking a tour although I've had requests from authors to include Mystery Maven Canada in their 'travel' plans. I'm having a lot of fun and it's all thanks to Bella at Cozy Mystery for arranging it. I won't give you any more Cozy Mystery details as she's taking a break for a while. I can understand why. It's like being a travel agent, planning someone else's itinerary. What a task!

I'm so pleased she included the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries on her roster, though. I've had such a variety of questions/interviews from the different bloggers and some are doing reviews, so it's a nice mixture and not too demanding of my time, if I keep on top of sending the information in time.

In case you're interested, these are the sites I've either visited or am headed to:

* Omnimystery
* Socrates Book Review
* Book of Secrets
* Books-n-Kisses
* Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & More
* Melina's Book Blog
* Cozy Up with Kathy
* Book Lady's Book Notes
* Cozy Mystery Book Review
* Shelley's Book Case

Quite an array, isn't it? It's been a wonderful way to get in tune with a lot of new bloggers and their readers and I invite you to visit these sites, even if you miss my post. Just Google their sites. In fact, I'm inspired to start running more interviews on Mystery Maven Canada in the future. Stay tuned!

Best of all, it sure shows that the mystery is alive and well and thriving -- YAY!

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  1. love blogging, but i am much more a reader or a surfer thanks for sharing!