Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Where has summer gone?

I know it's still summer but don't you feel fall creeping in? After the drought of summer has finally broken, can you feel the cool breezes that start each day off, inviting a light jacket or at the very least, a long-sleeved T-shirt for those early morning walks?

As I mentioned on Monday, the plans of summer are also vanishing. The new forays into writing have not taken place -- although I do have a couple of more weeks to redeem myself. Or perhaps I should think of them now as new writing opportunities for fall.

I'll add them to my list of planned activities which include signing up for a zhumba class, volunteering at the food bank one morning a week, and preparing for Bouchercon. That's the next conference on my list, in Cleveland, Thanksgiving weekend of all times.

I also need to register for Left Coast Crime which happens in March, 2013 and the next Malice Domestic. I've already booked the hotel for both these events. And then we'll have the Arthur Ellis Awards in Toronto, the Bony Blythe afternoon, also in Toronto...and by that time, we're well into summer again. How time flies!

And I'm sure there'll be a lot going on at Britton's, too.

Surely, there'll be time to write a short story or brand new series, shimmied into the writing of the first series.

What about you and your writing? Is there ever enough time?

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase

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