Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Working towards new!

First of all, my thanks to everyone for comments and suggestions yesterday both on the blog, Facebook and with emails. I'm quite enthusiastic about the response and am looking forward to spending the next few days sorting through a variety of possibilities and hopefully, next week will be the big Reveal!

Until then, Mystery Maven Canada will continue on as before.

My thanks to all the contributors in the will still be called upon. Believe me. So beware!

Readers, aware that I'll have a more interactive role for you, too -- if you'd like to participate.

Most importantly, if writers have any news about your books that you'd like to share, please email me at I'll be happy to include all the latest that's fit to print, as they say. That's the scope, remember. This is all Canadian -- not that I have anything against other nationalities (some of my good writing buddies are Americans) -- but we need to be able to shine the limelight on what's happening with crime writing in this country. It's not appearing, to any great extent, in any other forum. But I need your help in order to do that. You are the holders of the information. Please, pass it along.

And speaking of Americans, a very Happy July 4th to y'all!

In the meantime...keep those 'cards & letters' coming in!

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase

Berkley Prime Crime, now available
READ & BURIED, coming Dec., 2012

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