Saturday, July 2, 2011


by Janet Bolin
Berkley Prime Crime

The really neat thing about writing fiction is that you get to make it all up! You can create the ideal village, the perfect job, a great bunch of pals, cute pets,
and a main character who gets to do the things you might want to do and has some of the physical attributes you might long for and of course, has that sexy bit of romance going on in her life.

I'll just bet Janet Bolin had a blast writing Dire Threads!

Willow Vanderling is the owner of a new embroidery store in the village of Elderberry Bay, also known as Threadville. That says a lot right there. Imagine this woman in her late twenties (maybe, we don't know for sure), who escaped the pressures of a high-powered city job, and also the wrath of her ex-boss who she helped put in jail. This is a woman to be reckoned with! She joins her former co-worker and friend in the crafty little village, where most of the stores share a common theme -- well Threadville says it all.

That's the first hook. If you're into any of these dandy crafts, you'll love the notion of this village, along with all the stitching details. Plus, there's an original machine embroidery project tucked in at the back of the book.

The setting is idyllic -- on a Pennsylvania shoreline with the requisite beach within walking distance. A newly-renovated store with an attached basement apartment, also newly renovated and a cute little cottage out back, ideal for renting out. Or finding clues to the murderer's identity. Oh, didn't I mention -- a murder does take place in this sublime locale. And it's Willow's new nemesis -- the zoning commissioner who had dire plans for her Blueberry Cottage. That would give Willow the ideal motive for killing him.

She's not one to go down without a fight, though and she's aided in her sleuthing by her best friend, Haylee and an odd assortment of women, aptly named The Three Weird Mothers. I can picture Bolin laughing out loud as she clothed these women and tangled them up in the plot to prove Willow's innocence. You will have to read the book to enjoy the full effect of her descriptions!

What's a cosy mystery without a touch of romance? And who better to supply it than the delicious renovator. But there's just the hint of the unknown about him, which means Willow has to include him on her list of suspects. But her dogs love him! Tally-Ho and Sally-Forth. Her recently-rescued one-year old pups. The perfect addition to any embroidery shop.

Dire Threads has everything a cosy lover wants in a read! A craftily clever
mystery, an engaging amateur sleuth who leaves you wanting more, a cast of memorable secondary characters, the dogs, the tips and of course...a really fun read.

This is the first book in the Threadville mystery series by Ontario writer Janet
Bolin. Hopefully, we're in for a lot more embroidery projects and adventures!