Friday, July 29, 2011



I keep coming back to this topic, mostly because there's a part of me that's nagging away, saying it's time to buy one.

I did order a Kobo Touch but re-packaged it the next day, ready to return. I didn't enjoy reading a book on it -- although I have to admit, I didn't give it a very good try-out, mainly because the 'Touch' part was driving me nuts. It was soooo slow to respond and I'm an impatient person. Until their technology is improved, I'm not a good candidate for it. But really -- reading such a small portion on a small screen just wasn't my thing. I don't even like to read books or stories on my much larger computer screen. That should have been a clue.

Then there's the tactile experience thing!

Back to Kobo. I also had one of the worst customer service experiences of all time. It took them over 2 weeks to respond to my question about how to return it. I finally gave up and did what I should have the next day -- took it to my nearby Chapters for a refund. But on the website it does say to contact Kobo directly for instructions. That works...if you get a reply. I do not appreciate being stuck in a que in order to get a message that tells me I'm stuck in a que.

So, I looked on-line at the Kindle. has it priced at $139.00 (special price for the regular $189.00) but, oops, they won't ship to a Canadian address. has the same Kindle priced at $299.99. Does this make sense? Especially with these exchange rates? I can understand the book industry lagging behind in adjusting prices...but come on now, this is an electronic device & others do it all the time!

So...I've laid the whole idea to rest. I love my paperbacks, my trade paperbacks, and my hardbacks. They look great, they're an enjoying reading experience, and even though bulky when traveling...worth it, to me.

I guess like our choices in books...we're each entitled to our own choice of reading experiences. Just as long as we're buying books and reading!

Linda Wiken/Erika Chase
A Killer Read coming in April, 2012
from Berkley Prime Crime


  1. $299!!! Outrageous. The other off-putting aspect is that new versions of the devices keep coming out, making you fear that yours will be obsolete within a year.

  2. Good blog, Linda!
    I got my Kindle for $139 on and I love it although I find I still alternate between paper and "machine".

  3. I suspect you read the Amazon site wrong, Linda. I just bought a Kindle for $139. and it will be shipped to my address in Canada. Incidently, I have a KOBO, but I don't quite trust it as it's hickuped a couple of times. I'm going away to a place totally out of the bounds of Western civillization for a month in November, and decided I need two ereaders, one as a back up. Which is another reason I'm an e-reader convert - how many books would I have to lug into the bush? Vicki here, still unable to log on.