Sunday, September 12, 2010


by Lee Lamothe

From reading the back cover of the unedited manuscript, I didn't expect to like this. Sounded like too much violence and weird characters. Which is exactly what it is. But so much more. Lee Lamothe keeps the dialogue colourful and to the point, keeps the action on a fast pace to a very satisfactory conclusion, and leaves just one unanswered question, will this be a series?

I love it when the underdogs win and the two cops in Free Form Jazz, Ray Tate, a disgraced city cop and Djuna Brown, an outcast state trooper fit that description to the proverbial T. But they know how to play the game and defeat not only the bad guys, in this case the Chinese underworld, bikers, drug thugs, and corrupt politicans, but also some very nasty cops.

It's set in the midwest U.S. but is written by at Torontonian, a journalist by trade. If your taste runs to fast-paced crime fiction, then you'll devour Free Form Jazz. And it will whet your appetite for more.


  1. This is good to know about, Linda. Sounds like something I'd enjoy on this dreary, fall day. It's great to find new names.



  2. I was thinking you'd enjoy it. Dreary is right but a good excuse to switch on the fireplace! Now it's cosy.

  3. Oh boy. Another book to go on my TBR list. Good review. Thanks, Linda.

  4. All, thanks for the kind comments about FFJ. After a bit of time wrestling about it, the Ray Tate/|Djuna Brown characters will continue with a new book, Picasso Blues, for release in Autumn 2011. Still trying to place the sequel to The Finger's Twist. No luck so far. In the event: glad and hope you all enjoy. (And just FYI: after being nagged on another mystery website I've set up a website of my own: A bit on there about my peculiar writing process.) Lee Lamothe