Saturday, August 21, 2010


by Anthony Bidulka

Globe-trotting gay Private Detective Russell Quant leaves a cold Saskatoon winter's day for the hot glam and glitter of Dubai, on the trail of murderers and carpets. It's quite a mix for our man Quant, who, with textbook in one hand to bone up on antique carpets in order to make some intelligent purchases for the University of Saskatchewan (that's his cover) is actually investigating the death of Neil Gupta.

Hired by Gupta's father, Quant is accompanied by the cousin Hema, who feels she should have been sent in the first place. The family thinks it's a matter of gay-bashing, but as Quant peers into the dark alleys and Souks of this exotic place, he uncovers a tale of carpet lore and hidden personas, that take him to the hot desert sands of Saudi Arabia, and eventually, back to where he started. The truth brings another death, betrayal and more sorrow to the family in mourning.

And, while Quant discovers the depth of his feelings for his lover, he too
ends up facing some disturbing truths. And then there's the car.....

Bidulka has written another gripping mystery, his seventh Russell Quant novel, and takes the reader on an armchair journey to yet another exotic locale. Read it for the travelogue, at the very'll also find a fascinating set of characters, Quant's quick wit, an intelligent mystery, and a thoroughly satisfying read.


  1. I love Anthony's books and I can't wait to read this one! I want it signed too. So there.


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  2. Sounds just excellent, Linda! Thanks for bringing us this review of Anthony's 7th in the Quant series. I'm looking forward to catching up on all of them.